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Subject group index

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G Internal medicine
G 1 General internal medicine; general practice; experimental medicine
G 1 a Handbooks
G 1 b Textbooks
G 2 Diagnostics
G 2 a Diagnostic investigation; differential diagnosis; anamnesis; objective signs; physical examination; symptoms; syndromes
G 2 b Laboratory medicine
G 3 Therapy
G 3 a Handbooks; textbooks (academic medicine)
G 3 b Manual medicine; chiropractic; physical therapy; physiotherapy
G 3 c Alternative medicine; complementary medicine; naturopathy;
G 4 Infectiology
G 4 a Handbooks; textbooks; introductory guide to diagnostics
G 4 b Special infectious diseases
G 4 c Tuberculosis; also child-type TB
G 4 d - i Not allocated
G 4 k Paediatric infectious diseases
G 5 Haematology
G 5 a Handbooks
G 5 b Textbooks
G 5 c Special papers
G 5 d Therapy; prophylaxis
G 5 e Diagnostics
G 5 f Blood coagulation general clinic
G 5 g Blood coagulation diagnostics
G 5 h Blood coagulation therapy; prophylaxis
G 5 i Not allocated
G 5 k Paediatric haematology
G 6 Pneumology
G 6 a Handbooks
G 6 b Textbooks; diagnostics
G 6 c Special papers
G 6 d Therapy
G 6 e - j Not allocated
G 6 k Pneumology in infancy
G 7 Metabolism
G 7 a Handbooks; textbooks
G 7 b Carbohydrate metabolism; diabetes
G 7 c Special papers
G 7 d - j Not allocated
G 7 k Paediatric metabolism and metabolic anomalies
G 8 Nutrition; nutrition science
G 8 a Handbooks; textbooks; nutritive value tables
G 8 b Nutritional disturbances; malnutrition; obesity
G 8 c Special papers
G 8 d Nutrition therapy; dietetics
G 9 Endocrinology
G 9 a Handbooks
G 9 b Textbooks; diagnostics
G 9 c Special papers
G 9 d Therapy
G 9 e - h Not allocated
G 9 i Gynaecological endocrinology; andrological endocrinology
G 9 k Paediatric endocrinology
G 9 l Neuroendocrinology; psychoendocrinology; psychoneuroendocrinology; neuroimmunoendocrinology
G 10 Gastroenterology
G 10 a Handbooks
G 10 b Textbooks
G 10 c Special papers
G 10 d Therapy with the exception of surgical therapy
G 10 e Diagnostics; differential diagnostics
G 10 f - j Not allocated
G 10 k Paediatric gastroenterology
G 11 Nephrology
G 11 a Handbooks
G 11 b Textbooks
G 11 c Special papers
G 11 d General therapy
G 11 e Therapy; haemodiafiltration; haemodialysis; haemofiltration
G 11 f - j Not allocated
G 11 k Paediatric nephrology
G 11 l Psychonephrology
G 12 Hepatology
G 12 a Handbooks
G 12 b Textbooks
G 12 c Special papers
G 12 d Therapy
G 12 e Hepatitis
G 12 f - j Not allocated
G 12 k Paediatric hepatology
G 13 Spleen; pancreas
G 13 a Handbooks; textbooks
G 13 b Not allocated
G 13 c Special papers
G 14 Cardiology
G 14 a Handbooks
G 14 b Textbooks
G 14 c Special papers
G 14 d Interventional cardiology; prevention; therapy
G 14 e Diagnostics; without: ECG (R 4 g)
G 14 f - j Not allocated
G 14 k Paediatric cardiology
G 15 Angiology; vascular medicine; lymphology; rheology
G 15 a Handbooks
G 15 b Textbooks
G 15 c Special papers
G 15 d Therapy; rehabilitation
G 15 e Rheology; haemodilution; haemodynamics; haemorheology
G 15 f Diagnostics
G 15 g Arteriosclerosis
G 15 h Aneurysm
G 16 Rheumatic diseases; supporting and connective tissue diseases
G 16 a Handbooks
G 16 b Textbooks
G 16 c Special papers
G 16 d - j Not allocated
G 16 k Paediatric rheumatic diseases; paediatric supporting and connective tissue diseases
G 17 Not allocated
G 18 Immunology; immunobiology
G 18 a Handbooks
G 18 b Textbooks
G 18 c Immune defense; immune reaction
G 18 d - f Not allocated
G 18 g Histocompatibility; immunogenetics; transplantation immunology
G 18 h Allergy; allergology
G 18 i Autoimmune diseases; immune diseases; neuroimmunology; psychoneuroimmunology
G 18 k Paediatric immunology
G 18 l Not allocated
G 18 m Methods; diagnostics
G 18 n - o Not allocated
G 18 p Blood groups; Immunohaematology; serology; systematic serology
G 19 Geriatrics; gerontology
G 19 a Handbooks
G 19 b Textbooks
G 19 c Special papers
G 19 d Therapy; (institutional or stack stock only)
G 19 e - k Not allocated
G 19 l Geronto-neurology; Geronto-psychiatry; Geronto-psychology
G 19 m Geronto-dermatology; (institutional or stack stock only)
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