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Q Oncology
Q 1 General oncology
Q 1 a Handbooks
Q 1 b Textbooks; classification
Q 2 Carcinogenesis; cancer research
Q 3 Oncology: diagnostics
Q 3 a Not allocated
Q 3 b Oncology: diagnostics
Q 4 Oncology: special oncology
Q 4 a Skeletal system
Q 4 b Mamma; soft tissues
Q 4 c Lung; thorax
Q 4 d Gastrointestinal tract; peritoneum
Q 4 e Liver; gall-bladder; bile pathways
Q 4 f Endocrine glands; exocrine glands
Q 4 g Haemato-oncology
Q 4 h Kidney; urinary bladder; prostate; testis (urological oncology)
Q 4 i Gynaecological oncology
Q 4 k Paediatric oncology; geriatric oncology
Q 4 l Nervous system; brain
Q 4 m Skin tumours; melanoma
Q 4 n Ophthalmological oncology
Q 4 o Head and neck tumors; ORL oncology
Q 5 Oncology: therapy
Q 5 a Oncology: therapy: general
Q 5 b Chemotherapy
Q 5 c Hormone therapy
Q 5 d Chirurgische Onkologie; (Mamma surgery see H 4 d)
Q 5 e Radiotherapy
Q 5 f Immunotherapy
Q 6 Preventive care; aftercare; rehabilitation; interdisciplinary oncology
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